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Titanium Nitride (TiN) Coating

Titanium Nitride coatings have been used in industry for many years, primarily to extend the life of carbide tools. It has not been useful in reloading until recent advances in technology permitted TiN coating a die without softening the steel of the die itself. A TiN coated sizer in 308 Win showed no measurable wear after sizing 50,000 rounds. Although Titanium Nitride is harder than Carbide & has a lower coefficient of friction it does not eliminate the need for lubricant when full-length sizing cases. It does reduce sizing effort considerably and minimize the lubricant required.

TiN coating other manufacturer's dies; can be done, and is usually successful, however we have no control over the material or heat treatment of these dies and cannot guarantee the results. Any coating of any part not manufactured by us is done entirely at the customer's risk.

Call for pricing on anything not in the table below.

Item Photo
Titanium Nitride (TiN) Coating
Item #TitlePrice
TiNDS7/8" Die Set TiN Coating$75.58
TiNDIE7/8" Die Body TiN Coating$58.74
TiNEBStandard Expander Ball TiN Coating$17.51