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300 AAC Blackout Dillon Trim Die

For use with Dillon's Rapid Trim 1200B Case Trimmer. These dies are available in a long and short version (same price). The short version only works with the standard length trimmer shaft model (Dillon stock #22080). The long version only works with the long shaft model (Dillon stock #22024).

Technically, according to Dillon's design specifications, this caliber should require the long shaft trimmer model. We offer it in both lengths to provide flexibility for you.

However, there are challenges that come with using either model for this caliber. The short length die can not be used in a Dillon press without significant modification to the press head. But, it can be used in any standard press when combined with a Shell Holder Extension.

The long version will work in any press, but according to customer feedback, it has a tendancy to pack chips in the top of the die.

Either model can be used to form 300 Blackout from 223 Remington in a single pass using fired brass. New brass tends to be undersized in the body to the point that it often spin in the shell holder when the case comes in contact with the cutter.

Dillon does not recommend trimming 223 Rem to 300 AAC in a single pass. This operation far exceeds what the trimmer motor was intended for. Doing so will likely cause the life of the trimmer motor and cutter blade to be shortened.

Pre-trimming your brass to approximately 1.45" prior to forming and trimming in the Rapid Trim would solve most of the issues previously described.

Item #:DT300AAC
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300 Blackout Dillon Trim Dies
Item #TitlePrice
DT300AAC300 AAC Blackout Dillon Trim Die$79.68
DTL300AAC300 AAC Blackout, Long $79.68