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AutoChamp Parts

The AutoChamp was a fully progressive press manufactured by CH until 1990. Over its life time, there were several models produced.

Even though we no longer sell this press as a complete unit, we still provide parts for the numerous AutoChamp owners around the world.

Given the complexity of handling the large number of part number variations across the several models that were available, we have decided that all part numbers will be referenced from the final model produced, the Mark Va. The part numbers listed below are numbered according to the drawing number in the Mark Va owners manual. So if you have a previous model, please cross reference the drawing number description to the correct item below.

Please include the Mark version (model) of your press with all inquiries and orders.

Mark Va AutoChamp Owners Manual

AutoChamp parts are subject to available stock.

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AutoChamp Parts
Item #TitlePrice
AC001Bonnet Bolt$2.43
AC002Bonnet Bolt Washer$1.75
AC003Bonnet Plate$42.10
AC004Bonnet Set Screw$0.87
AC005Spacer Block$3.50
AC008Rail Pin Spring$1.15
AC009Rail Pin$3.12
AC011Chute Screw$1.15
AC012Handle Knob$9.31
AC014Pivot Shaft$80.27
AC015Actuator Stud$9.80
AC016Actuator Stud Nut$1.15
AC017Toggle Arm$8.81
AC018Toggle Clip$1.05
AC019Pivot Washer$1.15
AC020Right Toggle Spacer$1.46
AC021Handle Spacer$1.75
AC022Right Toggle Screw$2.43
AC023End Cap$2.43
AC024Left Toggle Spacer$1.15
AC025End Flange$8.31
AC026Left Toggle Screw$1.75
AC027Pivot Shaft Retaining Ring$2.04
AC028Support Post Bottom Screw$1.15
AC029Actuator Clevis Screw$1.05
AC030Base Bolt$3.90
AC031Base Casting$72.45
AC032Actuator Clevis Pin$1.27
AC033Actuator Clevis$8.81
AC034Primer Post Actuator$14.19
AC035Support Post$6.33
AC036Powder Measure Cam$25.44
AC037Brace Screw$0.96
AC038Lower Platen$176.21
AC040Case Tube$3.71
AC040-2Case Tube Coupling$1.15
AC041Case Tube Pin$0.96
AC042Case Feed Block$53.84
AC043Main Slide Clevis$30.34
AC044Main Slide Clevis Pin$1.97
AC045Clevis Pin Clip$0.28
AC046Case Tube Lock Screw$1.15
AC047Platen Lock$2.92
AC048O Ring$1.05
AC049Case Gate$0.96
AC050Gate Screw$0.96
AC051Case Feed Block Screw$1.46
AC052Primer Catcher$3.90
AC053Primer Post Housing Screw$0.76
AC054Primer Post Adjust Screw$0.87
AC055Primer Post Adjust Screw Lockn$0.58
AC056Primer Post Housing$13.69
AC057Primer Post$6.33
AC058Primer Pin$5.38
AC059Primer Post Spring$1.97
AC062Primer Tube$0.00
AC063Primer Tube Pin$0.96
AC064Primer Tube Indicator Rod$3.40
AC072Main Slide Spring Pin$3.40
AC073Main Slide Spring$3.90
AC074Front Rail$41.11
AC075Rail Screw$2.14
AC075-2Main Slide Assembly$97.90
AC076Main Slide$50.92
AC077Main Slide Screw$0.96
AC078Main Case Pawl Spring$0.48
AC079Case Pawl$5.87
AC080Case Pawl Pin$0.66
AC081Case Feed Plate$7.62
AC082Rear Rail Riser$9.31
AC083Rear Rail$31.30
AC084Main Slide Stop Lug$9.58
AC085Main Slide Adjust Screw$1.27
AC086Main Slide Adjust Nut$0.58
AC087Reservoir Cap$0.00
AC089Powder Hopper$0.00
AC090Measure Top Plate$29.35
AC091Top Plate Set Screw$0.76
AC092Top Plate Screw$0.76
AC093Charge Bar$22.52
AC094Charge Bar Roller$4.40
AC095Roller Screw$2.75
AC096Powder Gate$5.87
AC097Powder Bushing$0.00
AC098Powder Measure Block$47.95
AC112Top Platen$113.55
AC113Platen Link$11.73
AC114Link Pin$3.90
AC115Link Pin Set Screw$0.76
AC116Measure Attachment Screw$1.75
AC117Clevis Pawl$9.80
AC118Clevis Pawl Spring$0.87
AC119Clevis Pawl Screw$2.25
AC123Primer Collet Nut$4.88
AC124Adjustable Bracket Screw$0.66
AC125Adjust. Bracket Screw Washer$0.38
AC126Adjustable Bracket$11.73
AC127Fixed Bracket Screw$0.66
AC128Fixed Bracket$11.73
AC129Primer Collet$19.59
AC130Primr Tube Collet Tension Ring$0.38
AC131Primer Stud$5.87
AC132Primer Stud Nut$2.92
AC133Primer Slide Adjustment Nut$0.76
AC134Primer Slide Adjustment Washer$0.38
AC135Primer Cover$6.87
AC136Primer Slide Adjustment Screw$0.96
AC137Primer Slide$8.81
AC138Primer Slide Adj. Nut $0.76
AC139Primer Slide Attachment Washer$0.38
AC140Primer Slide Attachment Screw$0.96
AC141Primer Slide Spring$1.75
AC142Primer Slide Return Bar$10.76
AC143Primer Slide Actuator Pin$0.76
AC144Spring Retaining Pin$0.96