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444-X Pistol Champ

Exclusive Design Features make this the Ultimate Semi-Progressive Reloading Tool !

200 ROUNDS PER HOUR can be reloaded on the 444-X Pistol Champ! Cases are sized and decapped in the first (center-rear) station. At the second (left) station, primers are seated, the case mouth is belled, and powder is dispensed. The third (front center) station seats the bullet and the fourth station crimps the round.

Item Photo
444-X Pistol Champ w/Carbide Sizer
Item #TitlePrice
04440138 Spl. 444-X Pistol Champ$574.40
044402357 Mag 444-X Pistol Champ$574.40
04440344 Mag 444-X Pistol Champ$574.40
04440445 ACP 444-X Pistol Champ$574.40
04440510mm/40 S&W 444-X Pistol Champ$574.40
04440632 S&W/H&R 444-X Pistol Champ$574.40
04440741 Mag 444-X Pistol Champ$574.40
04440845 Colt 444-X Pistol Champ$574.40
0444099mm 444-X Pistol Champ$574.40
04441030 M-1 Carb.444-X Pistol Champ$574.40
Steel Conversion Kits
Item #TitlePrice
04442138 Spl. Steel Conversion Kit$142.15
044422357 Mag Steel Conversion Kit$142.15
04442344 Mag Steel Conversion Kit$142.15
04442445 ACP Steel Conversion Kit$142.15
04442510mm/40 S&W Steel Conv. Kit$142.15
04442632 S&W/H&R Mag Steel Conv. Kit$142.15
04442741 Mag Steel Conversion Kit$142.15
04442845 Colt Steel Conversion Kit$142.15
0444299mm Steel Conversion Kit$142.15
04443030 M-1Carbine Steel Conv. Kit$142.15
Carbide Conversion Kits
Item #TitlePrice
04441138 Spl. Carbide Conv. Kit$171.68
044412357 Mag Carbide Conv. Kit$171.68
04441344 Mag Carbide Conv. Kit$171.68
04441445 ACP Carbide Conv. Kit$171.68
04441510mm/40 S&W Carbide Conv. Kit$171.68
04441632 S&W/H&R Mag Carb. Conv. Kit$171.68
04441741 Mag Carbide Conversion Kit$171.68
04441845 Colt Carbide Conversion Kit$171.68
0444199mm Carbide Conversion Kit$171.68
04442030 M-1 Carbide Conversion Kit$171.68