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Ruptured Case Extractor

If you've ever had a cartridge rupture while you're shooting, you will appreciate this economical solution to the problem. Even if it hasn't happened to you yet, you can't afford to be without this handy little tool when it does. Simply chamber the extractor like a normal cartridge, and work the action. Out comes the ruptured case.

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Ruptured Case Extractors
Item #TitlePrice
RCE25-06Rem25-06 Rem$20.80
RCE222Rem222 Rem Rup Case Ext$20.80
RCE223Rem223 Rem$20.80
RCE243Win243 Win$20.80
RCE225Win225 Win$20.80
RCE257Rob 257 Roberts$20.80
RCE260Rem260 Rem$20.80
RCE270Win270 Win$20.80
RCE280Rem280 Rem$20.80
RCE30-30Win30-30 Win$20.80
RCE30-40Kra30-40 Krag$20.80
RCE32-40Win32-40 Win$20.80
RCE35Whe35 Whelen$20.80
RCE38-55Win38-55 Winchester$20.80
RCE300H&HMag300 H&H Mag$20.80
RCE300Sav300 Savage$20.80
RCE300Wea300 Weatherby$20.80
RCE300WinMag300 Win Mag$20.80
RCE303Bri303 British$20.80
RCE308Win308 Win$20.80
RCE338Lap338 Lapua$33.32
RCE338WinMag338 Win Mag$20.80
RCE358Win358 Win$20.80
RCE375H&H375 H&H$20.80
RCE375WeaMag375 Weatherby Magnum$20.80
RCE375Whe375 Whelen$20.80
RCE44-40Win44-40 Winchester$20.80
RCE45-70Gov45-70 Government$20.80
RCE45-90Win&Sha2.4in45-90 Winchester & Sharps 2.4in$20.80
RCE45-100Sha2.6in45-100 Sharps 2.6in$20.80
RCE45-110Sha2.87545-110 Sharps 2-7/8in$20.80
RCE400Whe400 Whelen$20.80
RCE416Bar416 Barret$33.32
RCE416Rem416 Rem$20.80
RCE458Lot458 Lott$20.80
RCE50BMG50 BMG$40.53
RCE6Rem6mm Rem$20.80
RCE6.5x57Mau6.5x57 Mauser$20.80
RCE7RemMag7mm Rem Mag$20.80
RCE7WeaMag7mm Weatherby Magnum$20.80
RCE7-08Rem7mm-08 Rem$20.80
RCE7x57Mau7x57 Mauser$20.80
RCE7x64Bre7x64 Brenneke$20.80
RCE7.5x55Swi7.5x55 Swiss$20.80
RCE7.62x39Rus7.62x39 Russian$20.80
RCE7.62x54RRus7.62x54 R Russian$20.80
RCE7.7x58Jap7.7x58 Japanese$20.80
RCE8RemMag8mm Remington Magnum$20.80
RCE8x57Mau8x57 Mauser$20.80
RCE8x608 x 60$20.80
RCE9x57Mau9x57 Mauser$20.80