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No. 402 Bullet Puller

Collet tightens on the bullet with a simple twist of the handle, easily removes your bullets with no damage to the case or the bullet. Not recommended for Military 45 ACP, for it and larger calibers see #402500.

See Collet Type Bullet Puller Parts for replacement parts/prices.

Item #:402000
Item Photo
Bullet Puller Collets
Item #TitlePrice
40117C-H BP Collet- 172$12.77
40120C-H BP Collet- 20 cal$12.77
40122C-H BP Collet- 224$12.77
40124C-H BP Collet- 243$12.77
40125C-H BP Collet- 257$12.77
40126C-H BP Collet- 264$12.77
40127C-H BP Collet- 277$12.77
40128C-H BP Collet- 284$12.77
40130C-H BP Collet- 308$12.77
40132C-H BP Collet- 323$12.77
40133C-H BP Collet- 338$12.77
40134C H BP Collet 348 Cal$12.77
40135C-H BP Collet- 357$12.77
40137C-H BP Collet- 375$12.77
40140C-H BP Collet- .40$12.77
40141C-H BP Collet- .411$12.77
40144C-H BP Collet- 44$12.77
40145C-H BP Collet- 45$12.77