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Standard Bushing Neck Sizer

With our Standard Bushing Neck Sizer you no longer need to have a separate neck sizer die for all of your calibers. Now you can simply drop in the correct size bushing, and you have whatever neck sizer that you need ! Not only is it more economical, but you can also get any diameter in .001 increments without buying several custom made neck sizers at two or three times the price ! Applicable to calibers 22 through 9.3 mm & some 375's. Smaller bushings available on special order. For larger calibers see our Large Bushing Neck Sizer.

Available in three body lengths:
Item Photo
Standard Bushing Neck Sizer
Item #TitlePrice
SBNSTXXXSB Neck Sizer - Short w/ bushing (XXX = bushing dia.)$84.16
SBNMDXXXSB Neck Sizer - Medium w/ bushing (XXX = bushing dia.)$84.16
SBNLGXXXSB Neck Sizer - Long w/ bushing (XXX = bushing dia.)$84.16
SBNXLXXXSB Neck Sizer - Extra Long w/ bushing (XXX = bushing dia.)$84.16
SBXXXStandard Neck Sizer Bushing (XXX = bushing dia.)$17.18