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Large Bushing Neck Sizer

In response to many requests, we now offer Bushing Neck Sizers in 38 to 50 caliber. Same features & benefits as standard bushing neck sizer, but the larger .685" outside diameter bushings are available in inside diameters from .400 to .545" For even greater versatility, the optional bushing adapter lets you use standard CH, or Wilson bushings which are available in sizes .239" to .400".

Available in three body lengths:

Item Photo
Large Bushing Neck Sizer
Item #TitlePrice
LBNSTXXXLB Neck Sizer - Short w/ bushing (XXX = bushing dia.)$153.21
LBNMDXXXLB Neck Sizer - Medium w/ bushing (XXX = bushing dia.)$153.21
LBNLGXXXLB Neck Sizer - Long w/ bushing (XXX = bushing dia.)$153.21
LBXXXLB Neck Sizer Bushing (XXX = bushing dia.)$34.00
LBSALB Neck Sizer Adapter$34.00