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Speed Seating Dies

This die was developed to facilitate and greatly speed the seating of wad-cutter type bullets in progressive loading machines, but they work well with all bullet shapes and in all loading tools. The mouth of the die is larger in diameter than the main body, and gradually tapers up to the seat stem. Bullets can actually be severely cocked and they will automatically align themselves.

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Speed Seaters
Item #TitlePrice
SPST10Aut10mm Auto$36.07
SPST30Car30 M-1 Carbine$36.07
SPST357Mag357 Magnum$36.07
SPST357Max357 Maxium$36.07
SPST380ACP380 ACP$36.07
SPST38ACP38 ACP (38 Super)$36.07
SPST38Sho38 S&W Short$36.07
SPST38Spl38 Special$36.07
SPST38Sup38 Super$36.07
SPST401HPM401 Herters Power Magnum$36.07
SPST40SW40 S&W$36.07
SPST41AE41 Action Express$36.07
SPST41Mag41 Magnum$36.07
SPST44Mag44 S&W Magnum$36.07
SPST44Spl44 S&W Special$36.07
SPST45ACP45 ACP (also Auto Rimmed)$36.07
SPST45LC45 Long Colt$36.07
SpST9Lug9mm Luger Speed Seater$36.07