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Rod Head

First thread size is OD. Second thread size is ID. Calibers smaller than .270 use the 10-32 ID, larger use 1/4-28, but you will have to measure OD as there have been some changes in the last 50 years.

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Rod Heads
Item #TitlePrice
RH011/2 x 10-32 Rod Head$7.89
RH021/2 x 1/4-28 Rod Head$7.89
RH039/16 x 10-32 Rod Head$7.89
RH049/16 x 1/4-28 Rod Head$7.89
RH055/8-18 x 1/4-28 Rod Head$9.82
RH063/4-16 x 1/4-28 Rod Head$12.77
RH077/8 - 14 x 7/16 - 20 Rod Head$17.02