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Caliber List

We have made dies for every caliber in this list over the years but do not always have them in stock. Please contact us for availability.

See the Groups & Pricing section for more information about our dies.

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Caliber ID Caliber AKA Group Shell Holder Case Holder
2BorRif2 Bore RifleW2G
4BorRif4 Bore RifleP4G
5Ber5mm BergmanF
5Cle5mm ClementE
5Cra5mm CraigE5R/34
5Rem5mm RemingtonE5R/34
5.45x18Rus5.45x18 RussianE34
5.6x34FraCar5.6x34 Francotte CarbineEHT
5.6x35RVie5.6x35 R VierlingEHT
5.6x39Rus5.6x39 RussianE13
5.6x47Rus5.6x47 RussianE
5.6x50R5.6x50 R5.6x50
5.6x52R5.6x52 RE2
5.6x57R5.6x57 R5.6x57
5.6x61VomHof5.6x61 Vom HofeG1
5.7BG5.7 B.G.E1
5.7Joh5.7 JohnsonEM1
5.7MMJ5.7 MMJ5.7Joh
6Ack6mm AckleyE1
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Table Legend
Caliber ID: The identification number for the caliber. You will see this id number used in part numbers for various dies and products that are made for the caliber.
Caliber: The full caliber name.
AKA: Also Known As, or an alias. Many calibers have multiple names. Rather than making the same dies with each designation, we will use the most common name. It is also common to have two calibers that are so similar that the dies can be interchanged.
Group: Our group for the caliber. See the Groups & Pricing section for more information about our dies.
Shell Holder: Our shell holder number for the caliber.
Case Holder: Our case holder group for the caliber. The case holder is for use with the Hand Case Trimmer.

We have a large inventory of reloading dies but we can't stock everything. Our current manufacturing time for out of stock dies made on a 7/8" body is usually around 1 year. Dies made on larger body diameters usually take longer. Please call for availability.