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Blank Crimp Dies

Our Blank Crimp Dies will put a perfect six segment rose - crimp on virtually any case. Straight walled cartridges require only the blank crimping die but on most rimless calibers (i.e. 9mm, 45 ACP, etc.) it is necessary to put a shoulder on the case to control head spacing. Therefore, blank crimp sets include a blank crimp die and a shoulder die. (the 5 in 1 set also includes a trim die)


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Blank Crimp Die Sets
Item #TitlePrice
BC103030 Carbine Blank Crimp Set$156.57
BC103838 S. Colt Blank Crimp Set$156.57
BC104545 ACP Blank Crimp Die Set$156.57
BC105115 in 1 Blank Crimp Die Set$205.76
BC109mm9mm Blank Crimp Die Set$156.57
BC1380380 ACP Blank Crimp Set$156.57
Standard Blank Crimp Dies
Item #TitlePrice
BC02222cal Blank Crimp Die (222, 223)$117.49
BC03030cal Blank Crimp Die (308, 30-06)$117.49
BC03838cal Blank Crimp Die (38 Spl, 357 Mag)$117.49
BC04444cal Blank Crimp Die ( 44 Spl, 44 Mag)$117.49
BC04545cal Blank Crimp Die (45 ACP)$117.49
BC9mm9mm Blank Crimp Die$117.49
BC50BMG50 BMG Blank Crimp Die$340.78
BC55Boy55 Boyes Blank Crimp Die$340.78
Blank Crimp Form Dies
Item #TitlePrice
BC111099mm Shoulder Die$58.12
BC1114545 ACP Shoulder Die$58.12
BC1115115 in 1 Shoulder Die$58.12
Blank Crimp Parts
Item #TitlePrice
BCI01Small Blank Crimp Insert$42.99
BCI02Large Blank Crimp Insert$42.99
BCI01CBlank Crimp Closing Insert$42.99