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Hand Screws

Stock maker's Hand Screws have "T" handles for rapid installation and disassembly of action and stock during final inletting procedures. There use also avoids damaging the guard screws by repeated loosening and tightening. Priced per pair.

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Hand Screws
Item #TitlePrice
90101Hand Screws- 6.5 Jap$11.73
90102Hand Screws- 7.7 Jap$11.73
90103Hand Screws- Enfield$11.73
90104Mauser- Hand Screws$11.73
90105Hand Screws- Rem 600&700 Serie$11.73
90106Hand Screws- Sako$11.73
90107Hand Screws- Sprinfield & Krag$11.73
90108Hand Screws- Win M-52- 54- 70$11.73